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2013 - 2014 report

  1. Introduction
  2. Promotion of the Group
  3. Current Patient Members
  4. Patient Group Meetings
  5. Terms of Reference
  6. Work Carried Out by the Group to Date
  7. Local Practice Survey – How Priorities Were Set

8.   Design of the Survey
9.   Distribution of the Survey
10.  Results of the Survey
11.  Action Plan
12.  Progress Made With the Action Plan
13.  Confirmation of Practice Opening Times
14.  Availability of Information

  1. Poster Advertising the Group
  2. Flyer Advertising the Group
  3. Group Poster for Display Boards
  4. Minutes of Meetings
  5. Terms of Reference
  6. Coffee Morning Poster
  7. Coffee Morning Programme of Speakers
  8. Coffee Morning Photographs
  9. Coffee Morning Feedback Forms
  10. Thank You Letter - Yorkshire Air Ambulance
  11. Thank You Letter - The Prince of Wales Hospice
  12. Patient Group Questionnaire 2013/14
  13. Patient Survey Results 2013/14

1. Introduction

During April 2011, the practice put plans in place to set up a patient group. The intention was that the patients would work with the practice to offer a patient perspective on the services that we provide.

The patient group would also help to improve communication, to encourage patients to take more responsibility for their health and to provide practical support and help to implement change.

After a shaky start the group gathered momentum following an open day that was held in October 2011. This was an eye opening experience for all group members. It gave a new perspective on the staff team and information on diverse services on offer. This brought momentum to the group in the first year, as they realised that they could actually make a difference by being a link between patients’ staff and community.

The group has now entered its third year of existence and has continued to strengthen and play an active part in the development of the practice.

The group members have shown wonderful support to the staff and patients, focusing on improvements and supporting developments that have benefited all patients across all 3 surgery sites.

This report details these improvements and demonstrates a commitment from all involved, that has developed a group that the practice is proud to call, The Grange, Greenview and Kinsley Medical Centres, Patient Reference Group.


2. Promotion of the Group

With the help and support of NHS Wakefield District Primary Care Trust back in 2011, posters and flyers were designed promoting the existence of the group and encouraging patients to join.

We continue to display these posters and flyers and welcome any new members who wish to join the group.

We have continued with our dedicated notice boards that are set up in all waiting areas of the 3 surgery sites, which not only advertises the group but also displays posters that notifies of the day, time and venue of the next meeting.

Please see appendix 12 and 3 for an example of the posters and flyers designed.

We continue to update our information folders, which includes copies of the minutes of the meetings held to date along with information on how to join the group and dates of future meetings. A folder can be found in each of the waiting areas.

We also periodically brief all staff as to the promotion of the group and continue to ask them to consider any patients that they feel would wish to join the group.


3. Current Patient Members

By the end of March 2014 we have seen our numbers increase from 13 to 19 members. Of these, 8 members attend meetings on a regular basis with 11 virtual members forming part of the group.

The profile of the group compared with our overall practice profile can be found below.

3.1 Practice Profile

Age Range Male Female Total %
0 -16 1344 1261 2605 18%
17 - 24 794 767 1561 11%
25 - 34 950 960 1910 13%
35 - 44 1020 818 1838 13%
45 - 54 1116 1084 2200 15%
55 - 64 925 870 1795 13%
65 - 74 510 788 1298 9%
75+ 510 685 1195 8%
  7169 7233 14402 100%

Ethnic Group

White Mixed Black or Black British
British - 9120 White & Black Caribbean Caribbean - 5
Irish - 61 White & Black African African - 30
Any other White - 270 White & Asian - 9  Any other Black - 5
  Any other Mixed - 20  
Asian or Asia British Chinese or Other Ethnic Group Ethnic category not stated
Indian - 14 Chinese - 32 4799
Pakistani - 2 Any other ethnic - 24  
Bangladeshi - 2    
Any other Asian - 8    

3.2 Profile of Patient Reference Group Members

Under 16  
17 - 24 1
25 - 34  
35 - 44 3
45 - 54
55 - 64 7
Over 65
Female Male
12 7

Medical Conditions

Deafness or severe hearing impairment 2
Blindness or severe visual impairment 1
A condition that substantially limits one or more basic physical activities, such as walking, climbing stairs, lifting or carrying 5
A learning difficulty 1
A long-standing psychological or emotional condition 6
Other, including any long-standing illness 12
I do not have a long-standing condition 5

Ethnic Group

White Mixed Black or Black British
British - 19 White & Black Caribbean - Caribbean
Irish - White & Black African - African -
Any other White - White & Asian - Any other Black -
  Any other Mixed -  
Asian or Asia British Chinese or Other Ethnic Group
Indian - Chinese -
Pakistani - Any other ethnic -
Bangladeshi -  
Any other Asian -  

This current year has seen the group attract a member in the 45 to 54 age range, however we still have no members in the 25 to 34 age range or any under 16.

The feeling in the group is that efforts should be made to attempt to attract further members of this age range, in order to be representative of this area of the practice population.

We do feel however, that we have good representation for patients with conditions as shown above, including learning difficulties, deafness and hard of hearing and severe visual impairment.

4. Patient Group Meetings

To date we have held 12 meetings including the open day between the dates of May 2011 and February 2012, 9 meetings between March 2012 and March 2013 and a further 9 meetings between April 2013 and March 2014.

For the purposes of the 2013/14 group report and action plan we have included the minutes of the meetings held between April 2013 and March 2014 at appendix 4.

Copies of notes of meetings are sent by post to the virtual members with a note attached, requesting any comments on the notes and/or any pieces of work that the group are carrying out.

5. Terms of Reference

At a meeting held on Tuesday 1 November 2011, a copy of a draft recommended terms of reference was distributed to members for perusal.

At the meeting held on Tuesday 10 January 2012, a draft proposed terms of reference devised by one of the members, Pam Walker, was distributed for comments.

These draft terms of reference were approved and adopted at the meeting held on the 13 March 2012 and can be found at appendix 5.

6. Work Carried Out by the Group to Date

From the early stages it was clear that individual members were happy to share their knowledge and understanding of their own particular health needs to enhance patient experience. This has continued throughout the last year and has proven invaluable to help gain the patient’s perspective on services that we provide.

Following the success of the open day and the teddies for charity collection during the first year, and the LINk visit, our healthy walk and the opening event of the Dr A K Sen Endoscopy Suite in the second year, the group has continued with further ideas for involvement and promotion of the group.

In July 2013 the Care Quality Commission announced that they wished to inspect our service confirming that they would attend the practice on the 31 July 2013.

The Inspector requested to speak with members of our patient reference group of which four were able to attend and meet the Inspector in person.

The Inspector acknowledged in her report that the practice had taken steps to encourage patient feedback as we had an established patient reference group in existence and also noted that feedback from the patient group meetings was available at all 3 surgery sites.

The report revealed that the group members had confirmed to the Inspector that they were happy with the service they received from the practice with comments such as, ‘Care has improved as you have a choice of GP’s’.

The members of the group also stated to the inspector that they were happy that their views were being acted upon, with comments made such as, ‘They have listened and done a lot of things we like’ and, ‘Everything we’ve brought to this table has been addressed’.

The practice was delighted that the group was able to play such an important part in the visit where group members, practice staff and patients shared a common interest and showed support for the practice.

The inspection was a positive experience for all with the practice meeting all the standards that were inspected as part of this routine inspection.

A copy of the Care Quality Commission Inspection Report can be found on the practice website at

The group meeting held on the 11 June 2013 saw the group discuss the need for a project this year following the success of recent years events.

Several options were discussed with the group deciding upon holding a coffee morning type event with guest speakers from the fire service, police, citizens advice bureau and other related agencies. The group also discussed holding short talks on particular health conditions with group members, nurses and key staff to be on hand to answer any questions about the surgery and the services we provide.

With various ideas being brought to the table and lots of enthusiasm it was agreed to hold the event on Tuesday 15 October 2013.

Further meetings were held and plans underway to arrange a drop-in type of event but with a structured programme of speakers.

Posters were designed and displayed throughout the 3 surgery sites and other community buildings as well as on the practice website. A poster advertising the event can be found at appendix 6. The coffee morning was also advertised in the local newspaper.

Once contact was made with key agencies agreeing to attend our event, a programme of speakers was devised as shown at appendix 7.

The members made plans to serve tea and coffee and to also hold a tombola whereby funds could be raised for both The Prince of Wales Hospice and the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. One PRG member also very kindly baked and iced a cake which was raffled to raise funds for the two chosen charities with two other members donating tea, coffee and milk and others donating home baked cakes.

It was agreed that the event be held at The Kinsley and Fitzwilliam Learning and Community Centre since the facility was on ground level. Upon hearing of our fundraising efforts and the fact that this was a community event, the committee of the centre very kindly allowed the group to use the facilities free of charge of which we were most grateful.

Photographs of the event can be found at appendix 8 which includes the donated PRG Coffee Morning cake.

Both the planning of the event and the day itself brought group members, practice staff and community groups together in a positive and enthusiastic way inspiring the group to wanting to hold further future events.

Feedback forms as found at appendix 9 were handed out at the event with positive comments made regarding the talk explaining the practice appointment system and the social interaction with practice staff and group members.

The event also successfully attracted four new members to the group.

All in all it was felt that the coffee morning was a great success and whilst more attendees would have been beneficial it was felt that positive links were made with key community members that would benefit the group in the future planning of such events.

The local police officer was particularly well received and proved to be an excellent source of information and help for future events.

The group members were very pleased with the fundraising efforts and by continuing with the tombola following the coffee morning the amounts raised
were £134.81 for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance and £149.98 for The Prince of Wales Hospice.

Thank you letters from both charities can be found at appendix 10 and 11.

The recent patient survey has once again involved members in face to face meetings with diverse groups of people in the surgery. The verbal information gained by this contact has proved useful for the group and the patients appear to appreciate this personal engagement.

Individual members have continued to attend the local PRG network meetings reporting their experience back to the group.

7. Local Practice Survey - How Priorities Were Set

At the meetings held on Tuesday 10 December 2013 and Tuesday 21 January 2014, see appendix 4, the 2013/14 practice survey was discussed by the members of the group.

As noted in the minutes the practice and the group were happy with the results of the previous two years surveys, the second year being a ‘follow-on’ from the first year, asking questions around issues that were raised in that first year and the improvements that have been made by the practice as included in the practice action plan.

The group were happy that all actions had been addressed from the first two years survey with the responses highlighting much improved satisfaction with the efforts the practice had made with addressing the issues and implementing changes as agreed within the action plan.

As noted above, our Care Quality Commission inspection in July 2013 and subsequent Inspection Report highlighted the fact that the members of the group had stated to the inspector that they were happy that their views were being acted upon, with comments made such as, ‘They have listened and done a lot of things we like’ and, ‘Everything we’ve brought to this table has been addressed’.

The group did however still recognise that patients experience was vitally important, for example, whilst obtaining an appointment or the length of time waiting to see a clinician, and this should continue to be monitored as a priority for the practice. Themes from complaints and practice incidents were also considered with the practice confirming that issues do still arise with patients being dissatisfied with obtaining an appointment of their choice.

It was explained to the group that the practice was currently carrying out work under the Productive General Practice programme. The programme is designed to help general practice continue to deliver high quality care whilst meeting increasing levels of demand and diverse expectations.

Part of the programme is to carry out a patient survey which was presented to the group for review.

It was requested that the group review the survey to agree if it would meet practice priorities as noted above and adopt this as the annual survey.

The 5 questions are based on the patients experience asking them to think about how they felt at stage of their journey from accessing their appointment through to the consultation and next steps.

A selection of words are provided of which patients are asked to circle the one which best describes how they feel, for example, respected, pleased, hurried. A comments section is also included for each of the 5 questions asking

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