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Information around high risk patients Posted on 7 Apr 2020

Clinically high risk letters (correct as at 6.4.2020)

We are receiving more and more calls from patients who have not yet received a letter confirming that they are high risk. Unfortunately we cannot give any definitive guidance to patients at this time around who should be placed within the highest clinical risk group as the guidance is changing daily.

A first extract (Phase 1) has been made centrally from our clinical systems to identify most patients in the highest clinical risk group. Those patients have already been sent a “high risk” letter direct from the central NHS team working on this.  This was done towards the end of March 2020.

Further searches (Phase 2) are now being created to identify and extract from the clinical systems additional patients who were not picked up through Phase 1. We expect that these searches and further extracts will be completed at some point week commencing 13th April 2020. Following this letters will be sent to those patients directly from the central NHS team working on this.

We are aware that Secondary Care colleagues are reviewing patients across specific specialities and have been informing GP Practices of patients who should be sent a letter from the GP Practice and the reasons why they are identified as high risk. We will action these as and when we receive the instruction from Secondary Care with a letter being sent out from the Practice to each of the identified patients. An appropriate read code will also be added to the clinical system to highlight the patient as being high risk.

We understand that a number of patients have already self-identified as high risk via the website. As GP Practices we have been told that we will be sent details where any of our patients have done this so that these can be reviewed to determine clinically if any of those patients should be included in the highest clinical risk group. Where a patient is clinically felt to be in the highest risk group the Practice will send a letter to the patient confirming this.

These are the only asks of GP Practices at the moment and we have currently been asked to hold off identifying additional patients until the Phase 2 searches and process has been completed. We understand that that this is incredibly frustrating to patients however this is the process which is currently being followed.

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