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Nominated pharmacies Posted on 2 Mar 2017

We are asking all of our patients to nominate a pharmacy to which they would like their prescriptions sent.  This is not just for patients who receive repeat medication, but also for patients who require ad hoc prescriptions, as it means that the prescription can be sent electronically to that pharmacy without the need to print off a paper copy.  This is a much more reliable and cost-effective service for our patients.

Your nominated pharmacy does not need to be local to your surgery.  It can be near to where you live, work or shop, and can also be out of the Wakefield area if this is more convenient for you.

When you attend a consultation and are prescribed medication, the Clinician will electronically send your prescription to the pharmacy rather than printing it out and handing you a copy.  The transfer of information from the GP to the pharmacy is immediate, and you will be able to pick up your prescription after your appointment without any delay.  In some cases your prescription may even be ready for you to collect when you arrive at the pharmacy.

In order to nominate your pharmacy please speak to a member of our reception team, or to one of the clinical staff during your next consultation, thank-you. 

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